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Ocean Waters Spa at The Plaza Resort

Unwind at Our Daytona Beach Spa Located right here within The Plaza, Ocean Waters Spa is the largest full-service spa in Daytona Beach, with 16 treatment rooms and 15,000 square feet of tranquil space. Relax and renew with over 30 indulgent treatments, each of which is designed to soothe your body and rejuvenate your spirit. 


Spa Treatments

Ocean Waters Spa provides a rejuvenating escape from everyday tensions. Your only concern is to relax and let our soothing atmosphere calm your spirit. A full-service spa located on the shores of Daytona Beach, we provide more than 30 blissful treatments.

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  • Massages

    Choose 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes & Escape to Bliss


    Ocean Waters Signature Massage - $125 | $130
    This classic Swedish massage relieves tense muscles and promotes relaxation.

    Deep Tissue - $130 | $160
    A full body deep tissue massage using essential oil to gently relieve soreness and inflammation.

    Warm Stone Massage - $135 | $170
    Promotes relaxation while easing tense muscles and damaged soft tissue throughout your body.
    Warm stones are placed on specific parts of your body and the massage therapist holds warm stones while employing Swedish Massage techniques.

    Blend - $115 | $145
    Where two become one, this massage combines the perfect blend between Swedish and deep tissue techniques.

    Prenatal - $115 | $145
    Designed for the mother-to-be, a sensory experience that captures the indulgence and relaxation of the signature massage.
    Relieves stress and tension, transporting you to a state of complete relaxation. Must be past the first trimester to have this treatment.

    Sports Massage - 90 minutes | $170
    A specialty therapy that is a sibling of the deep tissue massage. Firm pressure focusing on muscles and connective tissue within the body plus incorporating stretching. 

    Reflexology - 60 minutes | $125
    A bodywork technique that uses pressure points in the feet and hands in an effort to stimulate organs and systems throughout the body. It helps to reduce pain, reduce stress and anxiety, lift mood, and improve general well-being.

    Massage Cupping Enhancement - 30 minutes | $40
    A technique that helps increase circulation in the area the cups are placed helping relieve muscle tension which can improve overall blood flow, improve and promote new blood vessels in the tissue.

    Green Tea & Mint Massage - 90 minutes | $180
    Start with a full body, dry brush exfoliation and leave feeling refreshed and energized with a green tea and mint Swedish massage. Keep your dry bruish to continue our skin's soft transformation at home.

  • Facials

    Ocean Waters Signature Facial - 60 minutes | $115
    An organic facial designed for your specific skin type, your skin specialist will design and formulate your facial to address your concerns and skin type.

    Forever Youthful - 90 minutes | $185
    Formulated to help the skin look “Forever Youthful” this advanced facial utilizing the anti aging benefits of an organic skin care line, will revitalize, repair the skin and reduce the signs of aging, keeping its youthful look for as long as possible.

    Brightening Facial - 60 minutes | $140
    Formulated to promote the skin’s exfoliation, reducing clogged pores and the signs of aging. This advanced facial will revitalize, brighten and purify the skin.

    Hydrolift Facial - 60 minutes | $140
    Provides intense immediate and long-lasting hydration, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Fire & Ice Eminence Facial - 60 minutes | $150
    Using elements of heat and cold this facial will brighten, smooth and tighten resulting in photo ready skin. With our natural eminence version of Fire & Ice Facial you will enjoy gentle organic nature of the Eminence products. 

    Gentleman’s Facial - 60 minutes | $115
    An indulgent facial designed for the gentleman’s specific skin type and concerns. This facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and hydrated.

    Back Facial - 60 minutes | $140
    This facial is much like the Ocean Waters Signature Facial. This detoxifying facial is designed to treat the back. After cleansing and steaming, your skin care specialist will perform extractions (if needed) followed by a light massage and mask formulated for your skin type.

    Lash Lift - 90 minutes | $80
    Never curl your lashes again with this "perm" for your lashes. Leaves your lashes looking like you spent hours curling them.

    Lash Tint - 30 minutes | $25
    Ehance the color of your lashes and never have to use masacara again. Your lashes will look ready for any event, day or night.

    Lash Clusters - 30 minutes | $50
    Amplify the length and thickness of your natural lash. (lasts 5-10 days)

    Brow Tint - 30 minutes | $25
    Intensify the color of your brows and never have to use a brow pencil again leaving your brows ready for any event day or night.

    Microdermabrasion Facial - 90 minutes | $200
    Renew overall skin tone and texture utilizing the exfoliation benefits of Microderm Abraision with the added benefits of the Forever Youthful Facial.

    Makeup - 60 minutes | $125+
    Let us apply makeup from start to finish to create a look for your special occasion.

  • Body

    Ocean Waters Signature Body Wrap - 90 minutes | $170
    After a light exfoliation, you are wrapped with an organic treatment that will leave your skin detoxified and hydrated, creating a soft glowing look.

    Mud Wrap - 90 minutes | $170
    Remineralize your skin while drawing out impurities. This detoxifying treatment starts with a full body herbal mud mask that will replensh your skin.

    Slimming Body Wrap - 90 minutes | $195
    A regenerating and toning body wrap that helps increase the appearance of elasticity. This treatment stimulates and energizes the skin leaving you glowing.

    Pick Your Polish Scrub - 45 minutes | $100
    Choose your own scent for this full body exfoliation that promotes circulation and blood flow leaving the skin soft and hydrated.


    Full Face $35
    Eyebrow, Chin or Lip $25
    Under Arms $30
    Arms/Half $30
    Arms/Full $45
    Legs/Half $35
    Legs/Full $65
    Back $65
    Chest $45
    Bikini $35
    Brazilian $55
    Full body depilatory available starting at $25


    Brazilian $60
    Full Bikini $45
    Half Bikini $30
    Inner Thigh $15
    Stomach Strip $10
    Full Stomach $35
    Half Stomach $20
    Buttocks $20
    Full Arms $35
    Half Arms $25
    Full Legs $80
    Lower Legs $45
    Breast $20
    Full Back $60
    Half Back $45
    Full Face $35
    Cheeks $15
    Lip $10
    Side Burns $10
    Chin $12

    Brazilian $80
    Full Bikini $60
    Half Bikini $45
    Buttocks $35
    Buttock Strip $30
    Under Arms $20
    Full Back $60
    Shoulders $20
    Full Arm $40
    Half Arm $35
    Chest $60
    Stomach $35
    Full Legs $80
    Half Leg $45

  • Nails

    Ocean Waters Signature Manicure or Pedicure - 60 minutes | Manicure $40 | Pedicure $60
    For gentlemen or ladies, this indulgent treatment includes traditional nail care, a scrub, hot towels, massage and paraffin that will lock in the moisturizing effects of our hydrating cream.

    Sea Spa Manicure or Pedicure - 90 minutes | Manicure $50 | Pedicure $70
    Specifically created with your choice of scent for this gentlemen or ladies luxurious treatment. Leaves your hands and feet feeling refreshed, soft and invigorated (includes traditional nail care, scrub, hot towels, a masque, paraffin and massage).

    Anti-aging Deluxe Manicure - 90 minutes | $80
    A traditional manicure with all the traditional nail care, we remove the fine lines and dead skin cells with a light exfoliation using microdermabrasion. We then massage in Eminence’s anti-aging and deep hydrating mask and apply warm paraffin to seal the deal and finish with your choice of polish.

    CBD Manicure or Pedicure - 60 minutes | Manicure $75 | Pedicure $95
    CBD can sooth, refresh and energize your sore, tired or arthritic hands and feet.

    Warm Stone Manicure or Pedicure  - 60 minutes | Manicure $55 | Pedicure $75
    Helps relieve muscle tension, pain and reduces stress.

    Basic Manicure with Dip Application  - 90 minutes | $65

    Dip Only - 60 minutes | $50

    Dip Removal  - 30 minutes | $25

    Gel Polish  - 15 minutes | $15

    Gel Polish Removal - 15 minutes | $15

    French Polish - 15 minutes | $10

    French Dip  - 15 minutes | $20

    French Gel - 15 minutes | $20

    Nail Art - 15 minutes | $10+

    Tip Extention Application - 15 minutes | $10

    Toe or Finger Wax - 15 minutes | $10

  • Salon Services

    Women's Cut35+        Highlight70+
    Blowout45+ Highlight or Lowlights75+
    Brazilian Blowout   275+ Color65+
    Men's Cut25+ Color retouch45+
    Men's Blow Dry25+ Keratin Treatment275+
    Beard Trim20+ Opalalex Treatment35+

    Salon services are not available to book online. Please call 1-855-262-1990 to schedule your service.

  • Enhancements

    Warm Scalp Treatment - 15 minutes | $35
    Warm coconut oil infused with rose oil and honey drizzled over the scalp and massaged. Hydrates, sooths and relaxes.

    Warm Foot or Hand Treatment - 15 minutes | $35
    A true indulgence, this treatment focuses on pressure points of the feet or hands and will leave them feeling soft and revitalized.

    Anti Aging Hand Treatment - 25 minutes | $45
    Start this treatment with a sugar scrub followed by warm towels and hydrator. Warm parafin finishes off with a massage.

    Facial Peel - 15 minutes | $35
    For added exfoliation.

    Back Scrub - 25 minutes | $45
    A true indulgence, we will "scratch" your back with organic sugar scrub and warm towels.

    Massage Cupping Enhancement - 30 minutes | $40
    A technique that helps increase circulation in the area the cups are placed helping relieve muscle tension which can improve overall blood flow, improve and promote new blood vessels in the tissue.

    Reflexology - 30 minutes | $63
    A bodywork technique that uses pressure points in the feet and hands in an effort to stimulate organs and systems throughout the body. It helps to reduce pain, reduce stress and anxiety, lift mood, and improve general well-being.

    Hydrotherapy Aroma Soak - 20 minutes | $55
    Jetted tub soak filled with sea salt and aroma therapy to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation.

  • Add-Ins

    Aroma Therapy - $20
    Choose an aroma to enhance the benefits of any treatment.

    Scalp Massage - $20

    CBD - $35
    Add to any treatment for added tension release.

    Warm Stone - $20
    Add to any treatment for added tension release.

    Eye or Lip Treatment - $35
    Reduce the signs of fine lines.

    Biofreeze Treatment - $10
    Pain relief for sore, tight muscles can be added to any full-service 

Spa Packages